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Keep Franklin County Beautiful
1335 Dublin Road
Suite 200-A
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614.485.9007
Fax: 614.485.9020
Email: [email protected]

Litter Index Survey

The litter index survey is conducted annually in the entire Franklin County area excluding Columbus and Grove City. The same areas are surveyed each year to give consistency to the project. The survey is based on a point scale of 1.0 (no litter) to 4.0 (extremely littered). The litter index survey gives KFCB a better understanding of the problem areas in Franklin County.

Volunteers Needed!

We need your help this year with the litter survey. We are re-mapping the area and would like help with our new baseline survey. Groups of 4 are needed with a vehicle to drive the survey routes. Individuals are also welcomed. We will be meeting Saturday March 19, 2005 at 9:00 am in Grandview. We will provide breakfast and training prior to the survey. If you are interested in participating, please contact Emily at 485-9007 or [email protected] .

Take Pride in your Neighborhood!

Plan a cleanup in your community with the help of KFCB! We will provide you with gloves, litter tools, safety vests, and trash bags for your cleanups. Contact KFCB at 485-9007 or [email protected] to schedule a pickup of your supplies. Supplies are available all year long.

Litter Index Survey Results (2002)-Narrative

Litter Index Survey Results (2002)-Spreadsheet

Litter Index Survey Results (2003)-Spreadsheet

Nail A Dumper Hotline

Do you know of an illegal dump-site near your work or home? Do you ever see people litter out their car windows or throw out their cigeratte butts? If so, there is a number you can call to report these incidents. The number is 614. 871.KFCB (5322). After a report is filed, a police officer will investigate the illegal dumps and letters will be sent to those reported on for littering. For more information, check out the Nail A Dumper website.

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